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Beirut Bound will tantalise your taste buds and stimulate your mind with a variety of cuisines. Each of our food tours caters to your time and budget as we fascinate you with Lebanon’s food culture. Antiquity meets gastronomy as we select only the best hot spots that embody the country’s authentic dishes, as well as those that bring the influence of other cultures past and present.

Relax as you enjoy the luxury of gourmet feasts, join in on the making of authentic dishes, or let your palate guide you as you saunter through different regions and familiarise yourself with each town’s speciality dish.

  • Stroll through an old Phoenician city while sampling authentic food, eat organic food from the land while you camp out in a treehouse, or make your own arak in an authentic village’s homestyle copper Karakeh. Our variety of culinary tours include:
    1. Walking food tours in Phoenician cities.
    2. Food tours in diverse villages.
    3. Gourmet Tours at the top quality restaurants.
    4. Selection of best restaurants in Lebanon: Some restaurants will have visitor chefs from across the country and across the globe. different villages cook the same thing with their own twist.
    5. Food festivals.
    6. Bar hopping tours.
    7. Distillery, Brewery Winery visits
    8. Make-your-own-alcohol tour.

Always enjoy food worry-free with my carbon offset promises:

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