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History & Heritage

History & Heritage

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Jo walks through another ancient city overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. She follows a cobblestone path and marvels at how each of the cities along the Levantine coast celebrates their Phoenician city in their own unique way.

She ascends mountains and descends into valleys that sing of persecution, religious conflict and feudal wars. She then traverses deeper into the country to witness the majesty of Roman pillars and temples. From rulers, to traders, to caliphates, layer upon layer, every element breathes life into the Lebanon that stands tall today.

With Beirut Bound, history does not come to life, because history is permanently humming within the roots of the land. Experts guide you from the beginnings with Canaanite through to Assyrian rule to the Umayyad Caliphate, the Ottoman Empire up until the current Syrian War. all the while walking the very lands on which these ancient people roamed. Select the era that piques your interest most, or choose our comprehensive tour to get an overview of the country’s past. We provide:

    1. A selection of Century-Specific tours based on your interests.
    2. A comprehensive tour that encompass all rules, caliphates, empires and conflicts.
    3. Natural History Tours.
    4. A lighter view on history: Food tours in Phoenician towns, enjoying the local food while learning more about the history and culture.
    5. Phoenician Cities Tours
    6. Village Tours
    7. Bekaa Tours.

Help preserve our heritage for centuries to come like our ancestors before us with carbon offsets:

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