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About Adeline

I was born in war-torn Beirut and lived intermittently between our underground shelter, our Beirut apartment, and several village homes. The village life was my first experience of being immersed in nature, and it was an idyllic respite from chaos. I spent my summers chasing up and down mountains and valleys, building forts and stumbling back home in the evenings with cuts, bruises, and a variety of wildlife.

Months short of my sixth birthday, we escaped Beirut by boat to Cyprus and then flew out to Sydney. From here onwards, I travelled between Australia and Lebanon, living in and visiting both countries.

Along came one inspiring summer adventure in Lebanon. I discovered gorgeous natural locations and met knowledgeable people in the tourism industry, from all sectors, learning about Lebanon’s natural environments and complex history. I felt an unmatched freedom and love of nature, which I desired to share with everyone.

For the following 10 years, I volunteered to take people on tours or organise their holidays in several countries, especially in Lebanon, for the pure pleasure of sharing my knowledge and experiences with others. Today, due to popular demand, I decided to offer my skilful services officially to all!

Eco Approach

When Lebanon’s waste crisis began in 2015, it made me even more determined to do my part for the environment. I now live a sustainable lifestyle, which is constantly improving. Many of us love to do our part to ensure that Earth keeps on thriving. However, we also want to travel and explore Earth’s generosity. This is why I take on the role of your eco-conscience, while you enjoy your holiday. I strive to balance the carbon emissions of every holiday you book with me!

All your transport needs sorted! Whether it’s flights, transfers, a chauffeur, luxury or budget rentals, Beirut Bound will set you in motion.

Envision an ideal stay in any location of your choice: from luxury to budget, from resort to treehouse, your blissful bed awaits. Beirut Bound is an expert at locating your home away from home.

Seasonal adventures, delicious cuisines, and a lively nightlife, Beirut Bound books the ideal experiences for all types of travellers.

Want inspiration for somewhere to eat? Need a sim card? Looking for a local cobbler or barber? Beirut Bound will endeavour to find a solution for all your needs and desires. Reach out to your travel concierge at any time during your holiday.

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