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Eco Tours

A Greener Lebanon.

Lebanon’s environment has suffered greatly in the past couple of decades. However, Lebanon’s youth is responding strongly with initiatives to raise awareness and improve the situation. Beirut Bound collaborates with conservationists and environmental initiatives to develop tours for travellers wanting to have a hand in allowing Lebanon to flourish. This fun-filled adventure includes educational and hands-on activities for adults and children alike. It is also ideal for families who wish to give their children an opportunity to immerse themselves in nature and equip them with basic survival skills. It will also enlighten them about current environmental situations in Lebanon and worldwide, while helping them build an understanding of what they can do to create change.

Good To Know

Eco Tours are suitable for adults or families of all ages. Tour options include:

Guided Tours led by Expert Conservationists.

Camping and Hikes in Eco Reserves and Eco Villages

Skill Building Hikes for Children, exploring flora and fauna.

Replanting Projects & Plant Your Very Own Cedar Tree

Snorkelling and Diving Tours (Coming Soon)

Sound Like the Tour for You?

Be part of Lebanon’s promising future! Beirut Bound joins forces with Lebanese initiatives to develop an Eco Tour catered especially for lone travellers, families, or children. As with all tours offered by Beirut Bound, you can make a choice of some of the services and tours available above, or you can request a whole Eco Package deal.

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