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Savour Lebanon.

Tantalise your taste buds and stimulate your senses with Beirut Bound’s food experiences and Lebanon’s variety of cuisines. Here is a place where history meets gastronomy, and where authentic dishes blend with foreign dishes to embody the country’s cultural influences, past and present. Beirut Bound will guide you to the hot spots, and cater to your own time and budget. Relax, as you enjoy the luxury of gourmet feasts or join in on the making of authentic dishes. And let your palate guide you as you saunter through different regions and familiarise yourself with each town’s speciality dish.

Good To Know

Our variety of culinary tours include:

Walking food tours in Phoenician cities.

Food tours in diverse villages.

Gourmet Restaurants and Gourmet Tours at quality restaurants..

Drinking Tours and visits to distilleries and wineries. Make your own alcohol tour.

Discover hidden homely restaurants.

Summer Food festivals around Lebanon

Sound Like the Tour for You?

For many, travel is all about exploring new flavours. Beirut’s food will truly take you on a journey. As with all tours offered by Beirut Bound, you can make a choice of the available services and tours, or you can request a whole Food Package deal.

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