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Lebanon in Luxury.

When it comes to extravagance, Beirut sets the bar high, as the Lebanese people are experts at living it up and treating themselves. Indulge yourself in a city that understands the high life like no other. From the moment you leave your home, you are treated like aristocracy: you are chauffeured to the airport and around Beirut in luxury cars. You unwind in lavish hotels and dine in the finest restaurants. You sail the Mediterranean seas on a yacht and party in one of the world’s most prestigious night clubs. And you do it all carefree, thanks to Beirut Bound’s commitment to going above and beyond, just for you!

Good To Know

Choose to go complete luxury or select from services and tours below:

High End Hotels

Luxury Cars

Gourmet Restaurants and Food Tours

Access to VIP Clubs and Rooftop Bars

Leisurely Pursuits such as spas, sailing, golf and shopping tours.

Sound Like the Tour for You?

Get the high profile treatment today: time is the greatest luxury, so now is the time to spoil yourself with Beirut Bound! As with all tours offered by Beirut Bound, you can make a choice of the luxury services and tours available above, or you can request a whole Luxury Package deal.

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