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Into the Night.

Nightlife is forever buzzing in Lebanon, all year round, every night of the week, and from late in the evening until the early hours of dawn. Those who lived in war-torn Beirut in the 70s love to reminisce about how they danced their worries away. For they partied underground, during the bombshells, and expressed themselves in true Lebanese style. Tourists visit Lebanon because it is known as one of the best party centrals in the world. When summer nights come around, rooftops vibrate with music and lights, accompanied by views of the Levantine shores. International artists perform at Music Festivals that glorify ancient settlements. Old Market places transform into bars. Live bands scatter across pubs, while DJs populate beach and pool parties. Strips of streets across the cities cater to mini bars, which are designed for the perfect bar-hopping experience. Taste buds explode at food festivals and restaurants. And in winter? The whole experience is relocated to an underground or indoor setting.

Good To Know

The show truly must go on in Lebanon, so add nightlife experiences to your trip now and enjoy one or all of these services:

Reservations at VIP clubs and bars.

International Music Festivals

Bar hopping tours & guided night tours

Quality Gourmet Tours & Summer Food Festivals

Distilleries, wineries and `make-your-own-alcohol` tour.

Sound Like the Tour for You?

Get access to all the most prestigious nightlife experience with Beirut Bound. As with all tours offered by Beirut Bound, you can make a choice of the services and tours available above, or you can request a whole Party Package deal.

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