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Transcendent Landscapes.

Renewal means Tajdid, Taq-qamos, and Qiama. This makes it clear that spirituality, in any language, is a journey of constant seeking, finding and rejuvenating. It’s true that Lebanon has a vast history of religious conflict and oppression. However, alongside centuries of religious feuds and persecution, is its contrasting stunning landscapes and intricate architecture. Because of this natural beauty, the persecuted found hope and solace, which allowed them to come through, renewed.

So here is your chance to revel in Lebanon’s diversity. For you will discover a pagan temple for the God of wine and fertility and a Druze shrine for the prophet Job. You will also find a Christian monastery carved into the side of a valley, and an ancient Muslim school – once a humble home. So if this piques your interest, then Beirut Bound is here to guide you on your next spiritual journey of enlightenment and renewal.

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Choose a complete Spiritual Package or select from some of services and tours below:

Specific Denomination Tour

Diverse Religions Tour

Pilgrimage Tour or Religious Visitors Tour

Prehistoric Religious Tours

Religious History and Feudal pasts.

Silent Retreats

Sound Like the Tour for You?

These diverse spiritual places of worship welcome all and are included in Beirut Bound Spiritual Tour. So as with all tours offered by Beirut Bound, you can make a choice of the services and spiritual tours available above, or you can request a whole Spiritual Package deal.

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