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Renewal: Tajdid. Taq-qamos. Qiama. Spirituality in any language is a journey of seeking, of finding meaning, and of rejuvenation. Lebanon’s vast history of religious conflict is an example of people’s constant suffering, seeking and then coming through, renewed.

Alongside a history of religious feuds and persecution is Lebanon’s contrasting natural beauty and intricate architecture.

A pagan temple for the God of wine and fertility, a Druze shrine for the prophet Job, a Christian monastery carved into the side of a valley, and an ancient Muslim school – once a humble home. These diverse spiritual places of worship welcome all and are included in a comprehensive spiritual tour. Tours include:

    1. A comprehensive tour which includes the diverse religions that characterise Lebanon.
    2. All-inclusive tour to cater to your specific religious denomination.
      • Tours for each Muslim denomination
      • Tours for each Christian denomination
      • Tours for Druze
    3. Regular group events such as pilgrimages and special events such as visits of the Catholic Pope to Lebanon.
    4. All-inclusive tour to learn more about a religious denomination of interest including prehistoric religions.
    5. Religious History and Feudal pasts.

Take care of the environment. Jesus and Mohammad are judging you:

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